Anticon's Best of 2012

December 26, 2012

Hello! In these final days of 2012 we've asked a few folks from our camp to reflect on the last annum. Here are a few lists for your enjoyment. Thanks for browsing!

Odd Nosdam's 11 (in alphabetical order):

Adam Curtis - It Felt Like a Kiss
Bre'r + Odd Nosdam - 0911 / Black Friday 911 video
Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe
Missouri Lounge (the most elegant dive bar in Berkeley)
O Chamé (Japanese inspired cuisine)
Red Ice Radio / Jeanice Barcelo - Conscious Conception, Possession in the Womb / Larken Rose - The Government Con
Stones Throw X Leaving Records DUAL FORM Double Cassette / Odd Nosdam (Sisters Edit)
SERENGETI's favorites of 2012:
Video of the year i saw in 2012: KA Cold Facts
Reality shows of the year: Ink Master, Top Chef
Fight of the Year: Manny vs Marquez 4
Sports of the Year: NFL Sunday, Prize Fights
Comedy of the Year: The Campaign
Documentary: You Don't Know Bo
City of the Year: Bonn
Some records I did for 2013: Saal, Kenny Dennis LP
Activity of the Year: 16-inch Softball and Table Tennis
Dosh's top 10 most memorable (good and bad) memories from 2012, half of which was spent on the road:
1. DJing in front of Andrew Bird's tour bus at Coachella for 4 hours, complete with Gobo lights and a hazer.
2. Finding an original vinyl copy of Grateful Dead's "Europe '72" in Manchester UK, for 8 pounds.
3. Reading "The Invisible Circus" by Jennifer Egan
4. Going to Louisville, KY three times in one year. That city rules.
5. Having a three-day party for my 40th birthday, which included a sold-out show with all of my favorite bands playing (Baths, Pizza Boys, Jel, Nosdam, Good Morning Gentlemen, Zebulon Pike).
6. Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean at 3 in the morning in Miami in October.
7. Meeting Stephen Colbert.
8. Getting punched in the face by some drunk idiot, for no reason, in Jackson Hole, WY
9. Listening to Here We Go Magic play every night on the last leg of Bird's tour.
10. Coming home to my family on 7 separate occasions.
Baths' Favorite 2012 Things:
Favorite Song: Luke Abbott - "Modern Driveway"
Favorite Video: Leila (ft Mt. Sims) - "Welcome To Your Life"
Favorite Band Find: The Remote Viewer
Favorite Purchase: Dulcimer
Favorite Show: Emptyset @ Raster-Noton Showcase, Decibel Festival 2012. People were so stoked on them :D
Favorite Television Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, duhhhhhhhh.
Favorite Visual Artist: Inaki Matsumoto. Her characters, faces, anatomy, storylines… everything is exactly my flavor. VERY NWS, and hard to track down things for purchase.
Favorite Game: Journey
Favorite Character: Bolin from Legend of Korra. He’s got a deep, dedicated fanart following.
Favorite Moment: Standing 3 feet away from Hugh Jackman.
Young Fathers top 10 of 2012:

1.  Keeping the faith
2.  America beckons
3.  M6/M1 motorway, both directions
4.  The sun on eyelids
5.  LAW (new singer from Edinburgh)
6.  Get Free - Major Lazer
7.  Chicken & rice (Ally's Almost As Good As Tim's recipe)
8.  Finding new bass frequency (in February)
9.  Working at the coalface
10. Good people

Bryant Rutledge / Low Limit's Top Awesome Rapper Images:
Shaun Koplow / Sodapop's Top 10 Things:
1. Andy Stott - Luxury Problems
2. Chris Cohen - Overgrown Path
3. Everything Jerome LOL did in 2012
5. Cleaners From Venus reissues via Captured Tracks
6. Laurie Spiegel - The Expanding Universe
8. Fatima Al Qadiri - GSX Remixes
9. Holly Herndon - Movement
10. Peaking Lights - Lucifer In Dub
Life / Honorable Mentions for Sodapop:

Relaunching, hiring Low Limit, Japan with Baths & Raleigh Moncrief, Lil Ugly Mane, Who is Captain Murphy?, D33J, Footwork, Young Fathers, Four Tet - Pink, Mykki Blanco, San Gabriel, Friends of Friends, the non-apocalypse, 2013, WeDidiT, V/A - Ouroboros (Innovative Leisure), V/A - Companion I (JASS), MEDIUM #RARE at the Crosby with Daedelus.