The Nothing / Nightly, Daily

by Baths

The still-bubbling groundswell of enthusiasm for Baths’ debut album Cerulean has done nothing to slow the LA-based producer’s roll. On a pair of new gems released by Anticon digitally and on vinyl, Will Wiesenfeld displays that fantastic knack for compact, inventive pop tunes steeped equally in the artist’s classical background and in future-leaning electronics. “The Nothing” opens with Wiesenfeld’s downshifted choral vocals and quickly gives way to a gluey mix of aquatic thump and grainy synth. Over this, his voice coasts unaffected as he cheerily sings through gritted teeth, “All of the nothing that I do / And no fucking world view / ... I need to get out and find the love of my life.” A glitchy surge washes us clean for the triumphant finish. On the other side, “Nightly, Daily” finds fingers on frets, bows on strings, and boy / girl vocals dancing beneath a lo-fi bedroom swell. Friend and photographer Hanna Shapiro guests, lending not only her voice, but the very lyrics that she coos. The lush results, fittingly recorded in her Laurel Canyon home, showcase Wiesenfeld’s gift as a conductor of small, beat-driven symphonies.

* limited pressing of 500 black / 500 white 7"s. "Sleepless" appears only in digital form. free immediate download of mp3 files with vinyl purchase of this product.