Anticon Label Sampler 1999-2004

by V/A

The anticon sampler CD features a selection of tracks from the past, present and future of the anticon catalog at a back-breaking low price. The sampler introduces the label to the novices, clarifies the anticon collective for the confused, educates those who are unlearned, offers our dedicated fans a chance to preview some unreleased track from upcoming full lengths, and lastly, cross-fertilizes the various subsets of enthusiasts that embody their artists' various, and often diverse, fan bases. The tracks comprising this sampler were selected, mixed and blended by anticon's editorial ear, odd nosdam. His selections range from a song off the first anticon record ever recorded (1999's deep puddle dynamics taster of rain...why kneel?, featuring Slug of Atmosphere) to songs from the yet-to-be-released full lengths by passage, pedestrian, jel, sole, and restiform bodies. This is not your typical bargain-sampler CD. Nosdam has seamlessly blended and mixed all of the tracks together so that you never hear too much or too little of any track. Perfect for rotation in record stores or listening to at office parties.