June 7
Posted by Anticon HQ

What they do, what they do, what they do, what they do.

June 7
Posted by Anticon HQ

In the lastest episode of Yoni's podcast, he catches up with with Jeff Logan (known to most as the one and only Jel) to chat about his beginnings and current doings, before a recent Oakland WHY? show. Part way through, Doseone wanders back into the Wolf-zone to join the conversation. Good fun!

May 14
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Your trusty Anticon HQ office boys, who moonlight as DJs Sodapop and Low Limit, have a busy week of fun and diverse events ahead which you should know about.

First, on Thursday we're happy to present the inaugural edition of our new monthly event, Household, at LA's rad new club Complex. Featuring DJ sets from Anticon's young buck D33J, Night Slugs' very own Morri$, Friends of Friends' top man Jazner, and last but not least, ourselves, this night is sure to be  full of family vibes and family vibes dance music for all.

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/163510403815766/

Then Friday, we're off to the Crosby in Santa Ana for our monthly excursion into all things rap music. This month's special guest is badboy Sinden (Grizzly), who recently relocated to LA from the UK and is no stranger to the game.

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/449036775188409/

Last but not least, Saturday we round out the 3-day campaign back in LA with our IHEARTCOMIX pals for their OFF/CNTR event, which finds us supporting two very great producers from the UK, Om Unit and XXXY. 

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/519044541470098/

On Sunday, we rest. Monday back at the office. Wish us luck!

May 9
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Peep the second installment of Yoni Wolf's aptly titled new podcast, The Wandering Wolf. This session finds Yoni digging deep into history with his old pal and collaborator Adam 'Doseone' Drucker. Longtime fans of the label should find this recording particularly charming, as the two revisit early Anticon memories and lots of other fun moments from way back when. Oh, nostalgia!

April 5
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Check out the pilot episode of a new competition show for Bay Area producers, featuring Jel, Doseone and Lateef (Latyrx). Fun!

March 26

Check this track from one of Detroit's finest. Off of Robert Hood's Motor: Nighttime World 3.

March 26

#never give a fuck

March 21

Our man Doseone will appear at this Summer's Latitude Festival as part of Crook & Flail. The duo will be performing live arrangements of their collaborative score to comics legend Alan Moore's recent short filmsAct of Faith and Jimmy's EndFull info here.

March 8

Check out this previously unreleased Odd Nosdam tune - first MPC beat! Available on vol 7.1 (2000-2003).

March 3
Posted by Odd Nosdam

the homies Christopher Dunn and David Hatcher Childress doin the Danville metal stamp stomp