Tha Grimm Teachaz

Tha Grimm Teachaz formed in 1991 when Fresh Greg, neighborhood hero, saw something extremely distinct yet comparable in Lamont Toussaint (THE PMDF, Prince Midnight Dark Force), owner of Kauz n Effectz community center and Kenny (KDz, Kenny Dennis, Killa Deacon), dock worker.

To complete his vision he paired the two with long time friend and mysterious and seldom seen producer DJ Koufi, four months later There's a Situation on the Homefront was completed. Guests on the album include KDz' younger cousin Michael Critchloe (MC17), Son Doobie of Funkdoobiest, and Fresh Greg, who passed away shortly after the album was completed. Despite some interest from Jive, the album was never released. Only a few cassette copies made their way around, but I Getz appeared on several mixtapes in late '93, earning Tha Teachaz a few opening slots at rap concerts around the country. In between light touring, the group managed to complete another album entitled Da End iz Near, which was also produced by Koufi. The group disbanded shortly after their biggest show, opening for Fu Schnickens with Shaq Fu and Tevin Campbell, at a Jive showcase in Philadelphia. Subsequently, Da End iz Near was shelved and and the group parted ways. But both Kenny and Lamont went on to other projects; Lamont dabbled in rave-rap and had a r&b band named T.I.LT. while KDz completed his solo effort F.I.L.A.S., but no project would live up to the cohesiveness of Situation....

Fortunately, both albums were unearthed in 2010 by Kenny's little brother Tanya Dennis, while cleaning out his garage. Tanya signed a deal with Breakfast Records to remaster the material, and began shopping both albums around to labels. Looking to get as paid as possible, Tanya agreed to deals with several labels and now Situation... can be found on cassette and digital formats courtesy of Anticon, on compact disc through Legendary Entertainment, and on vinyl from Chopped Herring Records.