Restiform Bodies

Restiform Bodies are David Bryant-vocalist and song writer, Matt Valerio- percussionist and beat-maker & George Chadwick-synth, sample and effects slayer. In 2000 they made a tape called Oubliette, and caught the attention of Oakland's then young experimental hip hop collective, anticon. Once in Oakland RB began a career of what they refer to affectionately as "total career ambivalence." Repeatedly dodging the bullet of a follow up to their S/T release on anticon's deceased in-house distributor and label imprint, 6 months distribution, the three focused instead on developing songs for performance with live electronics, resulting in a metric ton of songs and zero grams of vinyl. The joke is that the three can seldom be found in the same room, even though they lived together for all intents and purposes throughout high school, which may ironically be the puzzle buster of their story. Since 2000 Restiform Bodies have toured in support of their self-titled LP (an organized version of the bedroom cassette) and their various individual projects. They have each artisted at the very least one solo release, and at last their debut artist for anticon, TV LOVES YOU BACK, which may or may not pay off the computer.

Sound check casualties include but are not limited to: Sole, doseone, Alias, WHY? Themselves, Subtle, Arcade Fire, Sage Francis, Atmosphere, Animal Collective, The Unicorns, The Faint, Broken Spindles, Of Montreal and Erik Carter.