Over the course of their storied rap careers, Doseone and Mestizo have exemplified the power of radical thought and living life on a knife’s edge. Their creative union as A7PHA absorbs that left-field energy, splinters it into component parts, and re-assembles it into something intensely human.

Anticon co-founder Doseone has spent two decades as one of hip-hop’s most singular talents, working with a who’s-who of underground legends and establishing himself as one of genre’s creative visionaries on his solo work and collaborations with Subtle, Deep Puddle Dynamics, Themselves, cLOUDEAD, and 13 & God.  His partner, South Philly’s Mestizo has an equally estimable resume -- co-founding Machina Muerte, co-owning the Heavy Weight clothing brand, and making acclaimed records both solo and with Tucson’s Isaiah Toothtaker as Everybody’s Enemy (formerly known as Humansuit).

Together as A7PHA, they’ve created something dense and punishing, propulsive and adrenaline-filled. They unleash massive tidal waves of raw, immovable emotions, that somehow turn on a dime—leaving you scrambling to keep up. Music that can soundtrack both minor mental breakdowns and house parties that permanently fuck up your security deposit. They understand how to create something highly combustible, but they have enough experience to know just how to handle it. If real recognizes real, they prove that only genuine eccentrics can truly understand one another.