February 12

Get closer to nature with our latest run of Classic Ant Logo Crewnecks, in limited-edition colorway. Same as before: text on front, ant on back. Printed on Camel 'California Fleece' American Apparel crewnecks. Make it yours at our webshop.

January 22

Dosh & Ghostband's Def Kith vinyl has arrived and is now available for immediate shipping in our webstore!

In case you missed it, Jack Spencer of Minneapolis' Gimme Noise blog sat down with Dosh & Ghostband to discuss the EP's genesis, their wacky creative process, and how they manage to breathe life into "loop-based" programmed dance music. Check out the full interview here.

The duo are currently wrapping a full-length album due for release this year on Anticon, stay tuned!

January 16

Yoni Wolf's Wandering Wolf podcast is a candid window into the life of the WHY? frontman and his eccentric guests, the most recent of which have been his tour mates Astronautalis & Bleubird, hometown friends Lauren & Davi, and comedian/long-time WHY? collaborator Andre Hyland (above).

You can listen to all of them here, and for more of Yoni and Andre's shenanigans, check out this promo for WHY?'s Eskimo Snow featuring Glenn Howerton of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

January 3

Throughout January, our man Dosh is holding down a month-long residency and recording session at Minneapolis' Turf Club, featuring performances from himself and a rotating cast of amazing talent in an all-out improvised affair.

Featured players include DeVon DVRG Gray, Ryan Olson, Andrew Broder, Ryan Francesconi, JT Bates, Kristoff Krane, Nona Marie Invie, Joe Horton, Paul Dosh, James Everest, Jeremy Ylvisaker, Dennis Conrad, Cory Healy, Joey Van Phillips, James Buckley, Mike Lewis, Jon Davis, Chris Thomson, Erik Bolen and more.

It's going down every Tuesday this month, pop over to Turf Club's website for more info and tickets.

January 2

Watch Daedelus' presentation at TEDxMaui on the psychology of sound perception and using emotion to break through our preconceived notions of "listening."

In this talk, Alfred breaks down the possibility of music in silence (via John Cage vibes), the loudness wars, and the implications of electronic music's ability to produce all audible frequencies…all culminating in a Monome performance that condenses these abstract concepts into a digestible form.