Young Fathers are Everywhere

February 7, 2014

DEAD's release has boosted Young Fathers' already-swooping momentum in 2014. Everyone is talking about them this week—and Young Fathers have been talking back, popping up on features in magazines everywhere.

Clash Magazine, after a glowing review of DEAD, talked to the group about their history and mindset behind the album. They revealed the beginnings of their making music together ("a stolen Dictaphone became one of our most prized possessions"), what drives their complex lyricism ("we use rap like you’re meant to – metaphor for this, reality for that"), and the themes they tackle on their LP ("we talk about things people don’t normally allow; some of it is very personal and some of it is just outrage, fitted around intrigue"). Read the full feature in issue 92 of Clash, or on

For Impose Magazine, the band's 'G' Hastings expounded on the feeling of brotherhood they have for each other. He acknowledged their twelve-year history, stating, "We’ve always been close and able to be blunt with each other about stuff... We’ve grown up together." Both their debut album and their future were in mind as well—on DEAD: "It sounds like some kind of glorious funeral occasion. Sadness and dread, but uplifting at the same time." About what the band is working for: "This is what we want to do; this is what we’ve always wanted to do. We want to take it as far as possible." Read the full interview on

Elsewhere, The Skinny commissioned a live performance of single "War" to accompany a feature in their February issue (check out the full feature on their website), and magazines like Dummy have named it Album of the Week, which described it as "an anarchic debut, as impulsive as it is intelligent."

We're excited to be backing Young Fathers on their continued path to world domination. DEAD is now available for purchase on vinyl/CD/MP3 on our webshop, as well as on iTunes.