Pictureplane - Technomancer

September 1, 2015

We're thrilled to finally share the news that we will be releasing Technomancer, the eagerly-awaited Anticon debut from Brooklyn-based Pictureplane.

Using sonic scraps of industrial, darkwave, '80s EBM & '90s house, Travis Egedy's third official LP will see worldwide release on October 30 (right in time for Halloween!). The banging title track is currently streaming over at FACT Mag, do yourself a favor and take a listen today. Egedy has also just published the aptly-titled Thee Technomancer Manifesto on his personal website, check it out here.  Those unfamiliar with the multimedia-artist and DIY powerhouse's past output have some catching up to do; jump over to his artist page to learn more. 

Preorder Technomancer from the Anticon webshop today on *colored* vinyl, CD or cassette. Meanwhile, all digital preorders of Technomancer from iTunes will receive instant download of the title track.