DEAD Receives Glowing Review from Clash

January 21, 2014

The reviews are starting to flow inand Clash Magazine grabbed first dibs yesterday with high praise for DEAD, straight out the door. Felicity Martin and Mike Diver commend its balance of energy and heavy themes, as well as the progression of the Fathers' sound from their previous TAPE ONE and TAPE TWO. Read it over on

Calling it their "rawest, most emotion-heavy work to date," the two highlight the seamless dual presence of "rousing pop choruses and hooks" and "political and social commentary, heartache and pain"making sure to remind listeners of how well the energy translates to their live shows, with a blunt "If the opportunity arises, do see this act in the flesh."

Our favorite line though, is what drew us so to the group in the first place (and many, many others)"Young Fathers possess that which makes the best British acts truly special: a singular identity born of multinational mixology." They certainly show it through their eclectic, unique sound, and we couldn't agree more. Thanks, Clash!

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