Baths 3rd LP Romaplasm Out Now

November 17, 2017

After nearly 4 years since his last, Will Wiesenfeld has birthed Romaplasm, the 3rd full-length LP under the Baths moniker. A much brighter addition to Baths' catalog, Romaplasm finds inspiration in colorful worlds of fantasy.

Pitchfork dubbed it his release "most rife with pure pleasure." The Skinny wrote that Romaplasm "is as stately and complex as anything he's made so far," a "chanelling [of] interior wonderment into an intelligent 50-minute LP." The 405 described it as "the most simply alive Baths has yet sounded on record, retaining enough of his emotional heft, while allowing for an entirely new collage of flashy, elated songcraft. This is Baths triumphant." Pigeons and Planes called the LP "one of the year's most unique pop records."

If you have yet to take a moment to hear Romaplasm in its entirety, it's available wherever you choose to stream music here:  

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