Anticon SXSW 2013 Recap

March 26, 2013

Now that we've had a few days to rest up (and shake-off our respective cases of influenza), we're finally getting around to checking out some of the photo and video coverage from the week-long music and industry clusterfuck that is SXSW.

First and foremost, our official Anticon showcase at Mohawk was an absolute success on all levels. In fact, we had so much fun that we hardly managed to take any photo or video or our own event! Whoops. Fortunately, most of the artists from our showcase kept pretty busy throughout the week playing other events, so below we present to you a selection of various moments from Anticon SXSW 2013, as captured by various lenses. 

Baths playing House of Vans / Flower Booking day party at The Mohawk:

Photos by LifeWithoutAndy. More here.

Young Fathers playing the Flaunt Magazine showcase at The North Door:

Photos by Joshua Brasted. More here.

Now seems like an appropriate moment to express just how incredibly impressed we were with Young Fathers live performance. Their energy is nothing short of amazing. Watching them perform live gave us goosebumps. The folks at caught them in Austin and listen to what they said. Also, esteemed BBC Radio 1 DJ Vic Galloway gives them some love in his SXSW Journal here.

Here's a video clip the Young Fathers performance at the Anticon showcase, presumably shot from a cellphone:

Another clip from Young Fathers, closing out their set at the Scottish Showcase with new tune, "The Guide":

WHY? played a handful of amazing showcases, here are some photos of them at the Check Yo' Ponytail event at Emos East:

Photos by Miharu Kato. More here.

D33J also kept busy in Austin playing events, although we haven't had the best of luck with tracking down live show pics/vids. At any rate, here's documentation of him doing his damn thing:

Networking. Photo by Julian Bajsel.

Moshing. Photo by Shaun Koplow.

D33J, Daedelus, and the Anticon DJs (Sodapop and Low Limit) all made an appearance at Red Light Radio in the Fader Fort, which was streamed live at the time, and now archived for your listening pleasure:

Lastly, a parting shot of your resident nuckleheads Sodapop and Low Limit, from the aforementioned Red Light Radio session: 

Until next time!