Alias & Doseone - Less Is Orchestra

October 17, 2018

Anticon is proud to announce Less Is Orchestra, the full-length collaborative LP from Alias & Doseone. Recorded and completed before Brendon 'Alias' Whitney's untimely passing in March 2018, LIO is a record made at a height of enthusiasm, a celebration of nearly 20 years of friendship that began in June 1998 during recording sessions for Deep Puddle Dynamics' cult classic Taste of Rain... Why Kneel – the very same sessions that sowed the seed of the original Anticon collective.

With Alias at the helm of production and Dose on vocal duty, this was the record they had intended to create together for a generation.

Listen to the first offering from LIO, "The Deadener," now available from your digital provider of choice.

Less Is Orchestra is out digitally everywhere November 2, 2018. A limited vinyl (150 copies grey vinyl / 350 black) will follow shortly thereafter, shipping from our webstore mid-November.

All proceeds from this release will go to the surviving family of Brendon 'Alias' Whitney.