Demo Policy

Although we have historically maintained a strict policy against unsolicited demos, we are opening up to submissions.
Before submitting a demo, please be very considerate of the following:
We take pride that our logo has become more a stamp of our collective approval than a symbol for a specific sound. We have made a clear and conscious effort to continue releasing material that we find to be progressive, regardless of genre.  If you are not familiar with our current output, and more bluntly, if you are making music that sounds derivative of releases of our formative years, please do not submit a demo. While we are completely proud of our past, we are not looking to repeat it.   
If you believe your music is in line with our aesthetic and will uniquely add to our evolution, feel free to email links to streams (ideally SoundCloud / Bandcamp / YouTube) to We recommend highlighting two or three songs at most.  Any email with attached MP3s will be deleted immediately. Serious submissions only.  And please don't be offended by our lack of reply.