July 31

Next month our boy Dosh finds himself all across the U.S. accompanying ONANON. In addition to opening a plethora of shows across the states he'll be accompanying the act; acting as their drummer for a prodominant amount of the tour. We've updated our site and added a slew of dates to the events tab; so please feel free to check those out here.


All ticket links have been updated in addition to the dates and venues.

July 31

Our angel Deradoorian got the gracious oppurtunity to perform live on Revolt TV, and she decided to hold nothing back as she preformed her hit new single "A Beautiful Woman". In her interview before her performance she speaks breifly about her upcoming tour where her sister will accompany her on stage; and a bit about the record itself. The performance is packed full of angelic tones and looped vocals. A wonderful delight from a talented and comfortable gem we've the honor of having on our roster. You can find both the interview and the performance here.


Don't forget that Deradoorian's forthcoming LP, The Expanding Flower Planet, is out August 21 on vinyl/CD/MP3, and available for preorder now at our webshop.

July 28

The wonderful people over at Nylon are almost as excited for the new Deradoorian as we are. They did a cool little write up about our girl and asked her a few questions in anticipation of the upcoming release. Check it out to read Angel's thoughts on sharks, muay thai, and Paris in the 20s.

Don't forget The Expanding Flower Planet comes out August 21st and is available for pre-order now at our web shop!

July 27
It's uncomfortably hot here at Anticon HQ, so we've decided to have a sale. This week only, use promo code "ANTICONHEATWEEK" at checkout for 15% off all items at our webshop. Offer valid for vinyl, CDs, cassettes, MP3s, clothing & accessories (excludes preorder items). 
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July 24

Take a gander at this beauty that we're excited to announce to the world. A first glance at the beautiful color vinyl for Deradoorian's forthcoming debut LP, The Expanding Flower Planet. The record is out August 21 on vinyl/CD/digital, and available for preorder now at our webshop. Not to worry, all who’ve already secured their preorder (bless your hearts) will be receiving this limited-edition color vinyl. In the event that you haven't made your preoder (what's the hold up?) do so here!